Society 6 - Dog Art Prints

Dane Flighty I heart sausage dogs

I heart sausage dogs by Dane Flighty- Gallery Giclee print

I did enough blog browsing the other day to come across another great shop for artwork, Society 6, via Design Sponge I think, but they have some great artwork featuring my favorite little hounds! The best part about Society 6 is that you can get a print, a stretched canvas, an ipod or iphone skin, a laptop skin, or even a t-shirt made of your favorite piece! I'm seriously debating about getting the one above for my iphone. But here's a few more that I fell for.... 

Loh jun lee run txrex run

Run! T-Rex! Run! by Loh Jun Yeap

Jared stumpenhorst perfect gentleman

Perfect Gentleman by Jared Stumpenhorst

and here are some prints that, non dog related, that I like too

Jonah block watermelon falls Philipp Zurmoehle Bear and Shapes

Watermelon Falls by Jonah Block and Bear & Shapes by Philipp Zurmoehle

Corey Everett Transparent Chipmunks Amp bear sand

Transparent Chipmunks Love Birch Beer by Corey Everett and Amp-bear-sand by Alex Meyer