Wag For Awareness!


October is breast cancer awareness month and help support a loved one, a friend, or anyone you know by showing your pink!  Your dog can get into the pink party also by sporting some fun little items like the Wag For Awareness magnet for your car.  If pink is not your color then please donate to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure; one out of eight women is diagnosed with breast cancer and this organization promotes education, research, treatment, and awareness of this disease. If you don't find anything at the Susan G. Komen site here are some more fun items for you and your pet to wear this month.

Portland sea dogs hat  Barking for a cure bandana

Beltie for a cure collar Dog Collars Pink Gingham

  Metamorphdesign pink dog tag DeReDogs sweater

Sarah Anne 816 flower Rendachs Pink Snuggle Sack

1. Portland Sea Dogs Pink Ribbon Hat

2. Barking for a Cure Dog Bandana

3. Beltie For a Cure Dog Collar

4. Pink Ribbon Gingham Dog Collar

5. Metamorph Design Pink Dog Tag

6. DeRe Dogs Salmon Dog Sweater

7. Sarah Anne 816 Pet Collar Flower

8. Rendachs Pink Duvet Snuggle