Foyle's Friday- Good News From the Vet

NH 2010-09-19 Foyle Blood Pressure
Foyle spent last Friday at the vet and we have great news once again!  We ran tests to check Foyle's creatinine level and it went down again from 2.4 to 2.1 and now it is 1.7! Everyone did a little jig, including Foyle, and we're so happy that the acupuncture, medication, and diet are coming together and working with each other. Here he is at the office getting his blood pressure checked for hypertension which is another complication in chronic kidney disease, but the sleeve wasn't big enough for his leg so they brought out the old guns! They shaved a bit of hair off of his hock and put a devise on it that looked like an ipod headphone speaker to try and get a heart beat (the technician above is listening for it on the machine) and once they found that they put a different sleeve on his thigh to get the pressure.  It averaged out at 150 which is still high, but at the top of the normal range.

  NH 2010-09-19 Ernie loses teeth

Ernie did not fare so well at the vet last Friday though.  He went in for a routine dental cleaning which was way overdue, and came home with two less teeth and a foxtail!  Apparently the foxtail had dug its way either through his nose or under the gum and into the tooth pocket and probably caused quite a bit of pain. His nose kept bleeding a bit even after we brought him home so every time he sneezed a spray of blood covered the bed and blankets.  A few days later he had a bit more vigor, was a bit more chipper and energetic, and hopefully all better. It is weird though to see his concave cheeks where his two canines used to be. But it's a hard-earned reminder that we need to be more diligent about brushing their teeth.  Once a week minimum!