Fall Is Here, Bring Out The Dog Jackets!

Aandboriginalsdogs owl sweater 2 Terrier trousers  plaid coat

Casadekuma little red

Forever furbulous bandana  Martha stewart coat

Rendachs Snuggle Sack

I saw the fog rolling in the valley tonight, and Hazel and Nooner were laying in the dog bed near the heater so that means that fall is officially here in the East Bay!  We're all very excited for the cool weather to begin, especially Foyle, but keeping the house cool means the Hounds tend to get too cold at times.  Usually that means that we have three dogs buried under our covers at night but maybe these jackets will help chase off the chill for a while longer. Or how about cuddling up beneath a nice warm blanket? Hazel likes her snuggle sack but this one looks even better- much cozier and softer for the little princess.

  1. The Owl Sweater by A and B Originals Dogs

  2. A little plaid jacket by Terrier Trousers

  3. Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween by Casa De Kuma

  4. A cute little fleece bandana by Forever Fabulous

  5. Or if you are feeling crafty you can make this coat by Martha Stewart

  6. A little snooze in this Snuggle sack by Rendachs