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I found myself attatched to a magazine in the middle of Costco this morning reading about the top apps available and found some very interesting ones like DIY BuddyAwesome NoteSkypePandora. There were much more I wanted to make a note of but unfortunately, and somewhat ironically, my phone died. So, after downloading yet another series I had to check and see what was new in the dog-app-world and found the following:

  1. Report-A-Dog- If you see a dog consistently chained or penned you can enter the location and it will send an email to the Dogs Deserve Better organization. They are a national non-profit group that strives to eliminate permanently chained and penned dogs.

  2. Paw Trotter- Planning on doing a little driving over the holidays with your dogs? Here's an app that gives you the inside scoop on pet friendly places while you are on the move.

  3. Pet MD Veterinary Terms- Do you leave an office visit wondering what in the world your vet was talking about? Here's a quick way to look up those technical terms while you are waiting for your results.

  4. Pet MD Dog Symptoms- Before you head off to the emergency room take a look at your dogs symptoms and see if it is worthy of an office visit? Still not sure? You better go just in case...

  5. Photoburst- Have you found that most of the photography apps that you use to take pictures of your dog end up a blurry mess of pixels? Here's one that captures a sequence of moves so you can catch your pup in action mode. Note though that you need a 3GS or higher iphone.

  6. Cllickit Dog Trainer- Did you forget to bring your clicker to the park or class again? With the Clickit Dog Trainer you'll have your clicker right there with you at all times.