Jane Foster- Sausage Dog Silk Screen

Jane Foster Sausage Dog Print Jane Foster Sausage Dog Print 2

(all pictures by Jane Foster)

Don't you love it when you do a Google image search and up pops something new and wonderful? It just happened, I swear! I found these adorable Sausage Dog Silk Screened prints by Jane Foster, an artist who lives in Devon, U.K. Inspired by Scandanavian designs, Jane's work is one of those brilliant combinations of simplicity and line work that results in composition your eye is immediately drawn to. Not to mention the cute use of dachshunds as a muse!

Jane Foster Sausage Dog Print Pillow Jane Foster Sausage Dog Print Cover

Not only does she do her Sausage Dog on paper, but she also prints them on cushion covers. Great idea for the upcoming holiday gift exchange! Easy to pack and easy to mail.