The Park Spark Project- Power to the Poo

The Park Spark Project 2

(image:The Park Spark Project via Greenmuze)

Imagine a dog park where art installations become interactive and dog waste become the next form of green energy. Artist Matthew Mazzotta has designed an art installation in a dog park in Cambridge, Massachusets that uses methane gas produced from dog waste to light up a nearby lamp. All natural and clean burning!

  Methane digester

How it works....

Methane digester 2

  (images via The Park Spark Project)

Dog waste is introducted into the methane digester (which is basically a tank that is devoid of oxygen) where the waste is broken down through an anearobic process that produces methane. A hand crank on the top of the tank stirrs the mixture to help microrganisms break down the ingredients and cause methane gas to rise to the top. The gas is then piped to a nearby lamp where it is burned. The tanks can be either above or below ground but the feeding tube and the turn crank are above ground so people can "feed" the digester and mix the contents.

The Park Spark Project
(image:The Park Spark Project via Greenmuze)

Mazzotta's installation is called The Park Spark Project, and is partially funded by the Council For the Arts at MIT and in partnership with the Cambridge Arts Council. The project highlights the fact that thousands of dog owners (and face it, sometimes we wish even more) pick up after their dogs and throw away waste that ends up in unbiodegradable bags in the landfill. In order to reconnect our actions with the ultimate end result Mazzotta wants dog owners to participate in a "recycling" activity that can be immediately visualized in order to reconnect people with the environment. Want a Park Spark in your neighborhood dog park? Email the project to get the ball rolling! I think this would be a great idea for Point Pinole...