Dogs at Thumbtack Press

  Beach Richard Allen
Friends goldberg


Dog dreams goldberg  Shino_Arihara_Wonder_Dog

Windy Day Vietroff

The great hunt for the perfect present has begun and I am already 48 hours late! I have been debating whether to go out into battle or just stay home and order everything online. After seeing sites such as Thumbtack Press that offer amazing prints and artwork at great prices I think my mind is made up. Here's what I found for my dog-loving friends:

  1. Beach by Richard Allen

  2. Friends by Richard A. Goldberg

  3. Shiro by Shino Arihara

  4. Dog Dreams by Richard A. Goldberg

  5. Wonder Dog by Shino Arihara

  6. Windy Day Joanne Lew-Vriethoff

Each piece of work is printed on heavy bright white stock using archival inks using the giclee process. I like the Randomizer on the front page of the site where you get a view of different styles and work that is available throughout the site. They will even frame the print for you if you need it! Check it out!