Arm Warmers= Slime Protection

Barefoot stitches African_Gardens_Ethiopia_bag_garden Fiberindenver reclaimed
Clf armwarmers yellow cashmere Clf happy stripe armwarmers
Lyralyra Fingerless Gloves No 87 Xmittens teal blue fleace

I'm looking down at Foyle's incredibly large head laying on my arm while I'm typing and coming to the conclusion that it would nice to have some barrier between my arm and the slime. It's pretty disgusting for me and also becoming a ritual habit for him now while I'm working. I literally have towels surrounding my computer for this purpose alone, but they tend to fall on the floor as soon as he moves his spit-laden mouth off of my arm or the table. So, that is leading me to look into arm warmers which will serve two purposes: Spit barrier and warmth against the chill of our heaterless house. Here are my top picks..

  1. Topiary Recycled Sweater Arm Warmers by Barefoot Stitches

  2. Reclaimed Patchwork Armwarmers by Fiber In Denver

  3. Sunny Yellow Cashmere Armwarmers by CLF Armwarmers

  4. Happy Stripe Cotton Armwarmers by CLF Armwarmers

  5. Lyra Lyra Fingerless Gloves No. 87 by Lyra Lyra

  6. Teal Blue Fleece Fingerless Gloves by Xmittens