SF Renegade Craft Fair

Bird Matio Renegade Aroostudio at Renegade

Life With Tigers Renegade Ink and Sword Renegade

Rigel Stuhmiller Renegade The Nimbus Factory Renegade

The San Francisco Renegade Craft Fair was the perfect remedy to the rainy day blues, to the point where if it rains again tomorrow I just may head back there to do some more shopping. It is even better than it was last year with artists on one main floor flanked by two upper levels filled with creative, unique and fun gifts for anyone on your Christmas list. Support your Indie craft favorite, especially all the incredible artists from the Bay Area. If you are planning on going tomorrow get there early though because by noon is was so packed you could hardly move through the crowd, not to mention the typical game of trying to find a parking spot in the city. But it is so worth it, now my shopping is done!

Featuring my favorites from the pictures above, left to right:

  1. Bird Mafia- Bear Stuffie- not one, but two are going into our newly renovated bedroom.

  2. Aroo Studio- Cute organic collars made here in the East Bay, and they will custom make any size for you! A great way to support a local business and to show off your favorite pooch!

  3. Life With Tigers- To me they have the most unique, slightly offbeat and heirloom quality stuffed animals.

  4. Ink and Sword- A collaborative business with Life With Tigers, they have a great series called Pet Public Service Announcement prints. Art that speaks volumes for responsible pet care!

  5. Rigel Stuhmiller- Another Easy Bay letterpress and print artist. Fabulous dog cards, don't miss her work!

  6. The Nimbus Factory- Happy Hound banner. Hang it up at your next pet party, or just for the fun of it.

The Poetry Store Renegade DJ Renegade

What makes this craft fair even more Indie? How about a custom poem from the Poetry Store? Or how about shopping to a D.J. instead of elevator music? Rock while you shop!

  Three Fish Studios

The one booth I had to stop at again was Three Fish Studios started by the creative couple Annie Galvin and Eric Rewitzer. Both are incredibly talented artists; Eric makes intricate lino cuts like the new Taco Truck series that shows a stripped down, bold, fun look at a bay area staple. Annie has done a series which immediately caught my attention, as you can see from the original collage above, of Bears. I like the combination of pattern with hand-drawn and painted elements that bring a sense of theater and dreaminess to each piece. I had to go the fair with a theme so I wouldn't buy everything in sight, so since everyone thinks it is h-i-larious to call Foyle a "bear" my new art collection theme is now going to be of various bears. This is a great start and I'm looking forward to talking to Annie more about her inspiration. The best part is that they hold printing classes at their studio so that is definitely going to be on my "to do" list for next year!