Candy Canines

  Canine Design Candy Cane Scarf The Urban Bark Everhold
Harry Barker good dog bowl Knits by Sarah twisted afghan

Martha Neoprene dog toy Naughty Nice

So how many candy canes have you eaten so far this holiday? It seems like it just isn't Christmas without a few candy canes hanging from a tree or used as a filling for that extra space that you inevitably end up with when you go to fill up a stocking. But this year I'm looking for an inedible way to satisfy my craving of red and white and add a touch of holiday joy to my winter walks with the dogs. Here's a few ideas that will leave you humming a little holiday tune as you shop.... (left to right)

  1. Canine Design has a cheerful Candy Cane Bandana that you can whip on at a moment's notice.

  2. Feeling a bit of a chill? Then try on this Everhold Scarf , which can be customized, by The Urban Bark.

  3. How about the red Plaid Dog Bowl by Harry Barker to tie into your decorating?

  4. Add a twist to your dog's bed by using this Twisted Square Afghan by Knits by Sarah

  5. Martha Stewart has a new line of toys at PetSmart including this Neoprene Snowflake dog toy.

  6. Lets see, Naughty or that is from Planet Dog.