No Newfs Allowed!

2010-12-23 NH New Dog Bed 4
I had managed to reduce the dog bed population from 7 to 3 (ok, not counting the outdoor beds) until we "remodeled" our second bedroom this week. Everything is in its place but it seemed like something was missing....something soft and cuddly and could fit in the little square space next to my desk.  Of course! A dog bed! It can be difficult to find a bed when you are looking, not so much when you are just window shopping at your favorite dog store. Four stores and several styles later I settled on this one. I really should have gone organic and bought something like the Bumper Bed by West Paw Design, but instant gratification and pricing came first. I think they like it anyway.

2010-12-23 NH New Dog Bed 3
So all day they've been lounging and relaxing, keeping Foyle off of it until about an hour ago....

2010-12-23 NH New Dog Bed 2

Maybe he had planned it, maybe he just took advantage of the moment, but I suddenly found him jammed into the bed with his big butt nestled into the corner and his front end hanging over. He was obviously very comfortable and very proud of himself.

2010-12-23 NH Heater Bed IMG_0715

I think he is feeling a little left out of the new bed surprise because he took over the hounds heater bed this afternoon too. He loved to sit in this as a baby and at 23 pounds he could actually lay down in it. It's just funny to come around the corner and see him sitting upright in it with a look on his face wondering if he should or even could lay down.

No Newf Allowed
Which leads to this last picture. A simple yet dramatic statement from the hounds. Effective? We'll see.