Foyle's Friday- Dog Bone Alley

NH Dog Bone Alley 2

We've been couped up lately because of the weather and the usual holiday deadlines at work so we decided to take a little road trip down to Alameda to Dog Bone Alley for a little shopping. I've been reading their newsletters for a few months now and really liked all of the charity work and events, like the Holiday Open House and book signing, that they do at their store. So we all piled into the car for a little ride.

NH Dog Bone Alley 1_edited-1
It was a bit ambitious to take all 4 down by myself, and at times navigating the store was a bit tricky, to the poiint where one of their staff made a great suggestion about using a coupler for the hounds instead of three leashes. Brilliant! We've tried them out before but I was worried Nooner would pick up aggressive habits from Hazel, but now that Hazel has mellowed out there weren't any problems walking all three of them together. The store was much cleaner and organized before the NewfandHound tornado hit but the staff took it in stride and helped us find everything we needed. They have to have one of the best selections of toys, collars, treats, and accessories that I've seen yet. I also saw the Dura Doggie Toys which I haven't seen anywhere else yet.

NH Dog Bone Alley 3
Were the dogs naughty or nice this year? Hmmm, a little bit of both so we bought one of each for a treat. They were packaging boxes of really cute doggie Christmas cookies so I couldn't resist buying a few for the road home. Then we found the perfect treats for Foyle, the Organic Pumpkin Treats from Wet Noses! They use all organic ingredients and come in flavors like pumpkin, sweet potato, apple and carrots and more. Really low protein also which will help Foyle out tremendously without making him feel left out. You can even buy them in a 13lb bulk container!

NH Dog Bone Alley 4

Definitely check out Dog Bone Alley in Alameda or Danville, your dog will be happy that  you did!