Sian Keegan Pet Portraits

Pet portraits(all pictures from Sian Keegan)

If you are looking for an extra special, personal, gift this year then head over to Sian Keegan's site on Etsy to find a one of a kind, handmade stuffed animal. Sian uses recycled  or vintage fabric to create a stuffed "portrait" of your little fur animal based on a photograph that you send to her. The animals are beautifully done and capture the uniqueness of each breed and personality.

Stuffed ollie

Wire haired dachshund

Spring deer Fox wedding cake topper

Deer cake toppers Terrier

Ollie and stewie

Is that what I think it is? Does Keegan have a Newf and Hound also? I saw this on her Flickr photostream. Awww, now I'm smitten.