Happy 2nd Birthday Foyle!

Foyle 2nd bday 2

Happy 2nd Birthday Big Boy!

Foyle turns 2 today! Was he really only 23 pounds and 11 weeks old when he came to live with me? So let's see how he started out....

Foyle 1 wk cropped Foyle 5 wks cropped
Foyle at 1 week old                  Foyle at 5 weeks old


Foyle at 1 year

Foyle 2nd Bday

It's truly amazing the changes that this breed goes through in two years. We kept a chart on a wall and at times he was growing about a half an inch a month! As a friend said "enjoy this time because it goes by fast, pretty soon he'll be 140 lbs of love coming at you!" Well I'm happy to have every pound of it because he has turned out to be the epitomy of the breed- loving, sweet, friendly, goofy, quite the swimmer, and so intuitive with children. And the face! Who couldn't love the face? The downside? We lost a few couches, a table, some baseboard, a few shoes, a roasted chicken, a full pie, and had to buy a new van to cart him around. Peanuts in comparison, right?

Because of Foyle I've joined an amazing community and network of people, (many who have become very good friends), learned how to groom better, become a better trainer, and found a deeper connection for a dog that has rallied through all of his health problems. I'm lucky that he has made it to his second birthday and I'm hoping that in several years I can say the same.