Dog Show Racket!

2010-02-16 Westminster

The Olympics of the dog world, the  Westminster Dog Show,  was on last week and once again Foyle jumped on the couch to watch the Working Group.  I think this will become a regular thing for him when the dog shows are on, he hears the cheering and he knows that it's time to rock.  Speaking of cheering crowds I remembered that there are cd's and audiotapes out there that have recordings of dog shows, thunderstorms, and various home noises to get your puppy used to the sounds before it heads out into the big world. A friend just lent me these two so I'm ready to start desensitizing Foyle to more sounds.

Puppy racket

The Puppy Racket tape from J & J Dog Supplies is a 90 minute tape that covers everyday basics such as the lawnmower, children, vacuum cleaners, thunder storms, wind storms, and many more.  I've read that you should start by playing these sounds soft to acclimate your puppy and slowly increase the volume.

Dog show racket

The Dog Show Racket from J & J Dog Supplies is a 90 minute tape of an all-breed show that covers dogs barking, cheering crowds and blow dryers.  I've seen a similar tape played during training sessions to desensitize dogs during conformation classes.

The Dogwise website has an Obedience Trial CD at one of "the loudest" obedience trials, and an Indoor Agility Trial CD that has thumping teeters, dogs barking and people talking.