Dog Toy Swap!

Toy swap

Foyle Prep 001

Ah, the excitement of bringing home a new puppy includes the thrill of buying new toys and stocking up on all the fun, new stuff that's out there.  A year later those toys and pet supplies are either not interesting after all or replaced with new ones once they were chewed through or just plain outgrown.  So this morning when I was at a friend's house watching their "new" puppies play together I had an "Ah-Hah!" moment when one of the guests jokingly suggested a toy exchange.  Why not?  You know you have a little too much when your husbands declare your garage a "Pet Smart" so why not save a little money and have a pet supply exchange party!  Don't forget to clean, wash, sew, or even make your own toys before you go though because no one wants a muddy, torn, slobbery toy for their dog.  Now's your chance to get rid of the three crates stored in the attic and reduce your  bed count from 7 (no kidding) to.....4....ok, 3.