Saving a Little, Saving a Lot


These days everyone is saving a little bit more when and where they can and in a multiple-dog house the little things can add up really fast. You never know if an emergency is around the corner that ends up draining your savings account in less than an hour.  So I've been brainstorming after thinking about the Toy Swap to come up with more saving ideas: (note the tunnel above was from Ikea and less than $10.00)

Canine coutour book Pet Projects Book


  1.  Make your own pet toys, beds, accessories. Books like Canine Couture: 25 Pet Projects- Fashion and Lifestyle Accessories for Designer Dogs, and Pet Projects-The Animal Knits Bible have great projects that you can make yourself and use up that fabric stash. 

  2. Crib mattress=dog bed. We realized that a baby's crib mattress was a great dog bed for Foyle- it's big, it's waterproof and it is much cheaper than a dog bed of a similar size.

  3. Make your own dog treats, there are great books out there like the post I did on Organic Dog Cookbooks. I'm attempting to dehydrate my own hotdogs instead of spending $10.00 on a small bag at the store.

  4. Share a training session with a friend or look for free puppy socialization classes like the one on Sundays at Metrodog over in Berkeley.  They have two free socialization classes on Sundays for young puppies and not-so-young puppies.

  5. Put together a grooming date with a friend or a group of friends who have the same breed.  Most people are going to be preparing for the same show so get together and share equipment, shampoo, tips and tricks, even lunch. It helps to have another person evaluate your trimming and see where you can improve, and you can compliment each other where your strengths are in grooming.  Does a friend have a practice dog that you can use?  Great to use for practicing tricky areas or a new style.

  6. Group grooming lesson.  Do you like the groomer that use currently use?  See if a group of people can pay for an hour or two of training on how to the do the basics or how to use clippers.  All it takes is a little practice and persistence and you'll get the hang of it in no time.

  7. Buy wholesale or look for deals when it comes to food and vitamins.  I just saw that Costco is now carrying Frontline, and at Pet Food Express if you buy 3 of most items you get one for free.  Talk to larger name brands to see if they will offer a deal or at least send you monthly coupons.  Talk to your vet to see if one vitamin/supplement will work the same as two different ones.

  8. Ask your vet if your dog's medication can be bought at a local pharmacy and if he/she wouldn't mind phoning in a prescription instead of through the clinic.  Often times you can get the same prescription for less than $10!

  9. Clean green!  Water and white vinegar clean just about everything and are much healthier for you and your pets. We've been referencing the book Clean and Green for new and cheaper ideas.

  10. Skip the dog walker and walk your dog yourself or team up with a friend and take turns walking each others dogs.

  11. Magazine swap- still love to get your dog magazines but hesitant to pay that renewal fee? Check out a few magazine discount businesses online like Mags4Cheap for a deeper discount rate.

  12. Bed/Crate/Dog House swap.  Do you have crates, beds, or dog houses that you no longer use because they are too small for your 120 lb puppy?  Bring them to your toy swap (clean and disinfected) for an exchange.