Low Planters for the Porch

Montana-Bowl-04 1Montana-CB


Last summer we decided that we actually enjoy sitting out on our front porch after work and talking to our neighbors walking by so we made the decision to extend our front porch out to make it more comfortable and welcoming.  One decision I made immediately is that I would like to have some large, low, cylindrical planters on the corners for my favorite plants so the dogs can't destroy them.  I found two very reasonably priced resin planters , the Montana Bowl and the Orinoco Bowl at Garden Artisans that will look beautiful and will be durable enough to handle the Newf.

Large obleek Xlarge oblique planter

This would be Ray's choice, a bit sleeker and a bit more modern.  These two concrete planters are the large and xlarge from Obleek Objects and really aren't as large as I would like but still very cool.  I noticed in this month's issue of Martha Stewart she highlights a DIY concrete planter you can make yourself.