Foyle's New Eurovan


Well, after a year or so of looking around for the "perfect" dog car that Ray won't be too embarrassed to be seen in we finally tracked down a 2001 Eurovan last week (similar to the picture above, but gray) and as of Saturday it is ours!  Foyle is going to be so excited and so am I now that I don't have to pick 130lbs out of the car each time we go somewhere- even Ernie can jump into the van by himself.  More importantly now everyone can be safe in their own crate.  Can I say that it is just enormous inside, larger than a minivan, and you can remove the two passenger seats AND the bench seat in the back!  We're already trying to figure out the best layout for the crates and the gear while trying to keep the bench seat in.  Oh, did I mention that the bench seat folds down into a bed?!  It just keeps getting better and better. 

But I have to say that the test drive was hilarious because first of all there wasn't much gas in the car so we thought we were going to run out on the freeway, then the power steering squeeled, then the armrest wouldn't stay up, then something underneath the glove compartment fell down, then the windows squeeled when we rolled them down.....we had quite the list by the time we got back into the car lot.  But, they are all being fixed and overall the car is great.

Gearspace 20 cargo

Now for the accessories!  Ray is geeking out right now looking at all the little extras we can add on but right now this cargo carrier from Let's Go Aero is on the top of my list.  It ranges from 17 cf to 34 cubic feet of space and can telescope out so you can open the back door.  Perfect for water training gear, camping, or the dog shows when you have to travel.