Prima Bathing System

Prima bathing system Prima bathing system 2

I am in love with this shampoo system and I was lucky enough to go over to a friend's house a few weeks ago to use it on Foyle.  Now I really, really want one.  The Prima Bathing System automatically mixes your shampoo and water (or any other conditioner or solutions) and pressurizes it so you can get deep down into your dogs' coat.  Once it is pressurized it mixes with air to spread the shampoo around better and ultimately you end up using less shampoo/conditioner and less time and water rinsing your dog out.  It cut through Foyle's coat so quickly and thoroughly and saved about 10 minutes of rinsing when we were done.

It has a 14 gallon storage tank, needs only a 12 volt power outlet, and has an auxillary line to connect rinse water or additional mixtures.  Now for the kicker; it's listed at $1195.00 but I'm hoping that I can find a used one at some point.  Or maybe Santa will be extra nice to me this year.