Foyle's Friday- Animal behavior and Dog Training

This is the beginning of the Foyle's Friday post.  I have every other Friday off and usually we go somewhere or do something special together and it gives me a day to indulge and do some research on fun new dog items.  So today I grabbed a stack of 5 new-to-me books to read this weekend after hearing about the amazing practice of Temple Grandin. She is a Doctor of Animal Science and with her unique autistic ability has revolutionized the meat packing industry and developed more humane ways of processing our food.  My dad was a meat inspector for 25 years so I know a bit about the industry. She has also studied and reformed how we look at and work with an animal's behavior. So here they are: (Nooner offered to show them to you because Foyle was too busy running around in the yard!)

5 books

  1. Animals Make Us Human  by Temple Grandin- An animal scientist with autism that has a unique insight into animal behavior.  In this book she shows us how we can make the best life for our animals.

  2. Animals in Translation by Temple Grandin- Illuminating insight into animal behavior.

  3. Thinking In Pictures   by Temple Grandin- (can you see my theme yet?) This book retraces her life with autism and how it helped her find her calling with animals.  She's able to see things in pictures and can relate to minute details that animals can detect but we often neglect.  I'm fascinated by her story.

  4. Don't Shoot The Dog! by Karen Pryer- A classic in the dog training world so I'm excited to read and study more how positive reinforcement works.

  5. The Other End Of The Leash-Why We Do What We Do Around Dogs by Patricia McConnell- Thoughtful message of how we communicate with our dogs and how to improve that communication.