The Amazing Treat Machine

Amazingtreatmachine 1

I just ordered the Amazing Treat Machine to see if I could teach Foyle how to "take it" with a ball and drop it into this box to get a reward.  It's such a simple idea and all you need is the box, a water bottle, some treats and a ball!  Looks easy to assemble and hopefully I won't get a paw smashing down the middle of it, but we'll find out soon.  If they can figure out Nina Ottoson's board games then they should be able to figure this one out.  I'm curious to see if the dachshunds can get a ball that high....actually I'm curious to see if I can get them to carry a ball at all.  They haven't been big fans of chasing balls around which I'm partly happy about because I hate trying to get them out from under the couch all the time.  With all the rain we've been having hopefully this will help pass the time a bit for all of us and teach a new command in the process.