One Eco Tree- name tags

One eco tree duke royal crest

Looking further into dog tags on Etsy I found this ornate tag from OneEco Tree from Lyndonville, Vermont.  They come in Small (1.25"), Medium, (1.5"), and Large (2.0").  They are plastic, waterproof, and you can have as much information as you want put on them.  The only thing I'm curious about is that the seller states that they come with an additional eyelet to put through the hole or else a regular slip ring will wear through the plastic in a "few weeks of every day wear."  I wonder how strong that eyelet is and if it is welded shut, otherwise I would think it would break open pretty easily.  Great idea for a key ring and I've even heard of people putting them on cameras in case they get lost.  Here's more from OneEco Tree:

One eco tree sadie dog tag One eco tree wally dog tag