Eurovan is home!

Eurovan 1

Eurovan 4 

Eurovan 3

Finally! We picked up the van last night and now it's officially ours.  Here are pictures of the interior before the deconstruction began and to show off the ample amount of seating it would have if we left it all in. I drove it around this morning to do all my errands and I'm impressed by the V6 engine, the ability to see all around me, the ease of parking, and the fact that it came with a good stereo and ipod hook up already. See the three zones of air conditioning in the ceiling?!

2 hours later, after a trip to Home Depot for carpeting and Target for more accessories, it looked like this:

Eurovan 7

Everyone is ready to go for their first ride!  We took our time trying to figure out the crate situation (although it doesn't look like it in this picture) because Foyle's crate actually took up the entire middle area and we couldn't decide what to do with the dachshund crate so we thought we'd try it without the larger one first and see if Foyle would relax and lay down.  He didn't, so tomorrow we will reconfigure it again with his crate and figure out how to fit the hounds in also while still leaving extra seating. That way everyone is safe and secure.  By summer the bench seat will be out also for water and cart training, and then there won't be any space issues. I figure you can fit two Newf-size crates without the bench seat, or three Newfs without crates and with the bench seat in. Time for a road trip!


Here's Foyle waiting for us to finish up with the car so he can go to the dog park.

Marina walk

Finally we made it there!  Perfect day except for the spring foxtails which we just spent an hour taking out of their coats. Ugh!  Beware, the ticks are out also.

Marina Walk 2

Nooner and Hazel checking out the rocks for ground squirrels. Determined little hunters, we lost Hazel in the tall grass for a while but luckily she popped back out onto the trail.  Must work on our recall.