Algona or Bust!


So, after three different flights from Michigan to Iowa I finally made it to Algona to see my mom.  Here I am at the Perky Parrot which not only looks as if it belongs in downtown San Francisco, but serves better coffee.  They have a new trend out here in the midwest of putting a sticker on top of the opening of the to-go cup. Brilliant!  Why don't we have those on the west coast?  


I seriously haven't seen many coffee shops this nicely designed in our neighborhood, or the East Bay for that matter.  The bonus is the free wireless which I'm using right now to post.  The other bonus?  They also own the pet store next door, Pet Kingdom, which has a selection that could rival ANY pet store in California.




Pet Kingdom has two floors, the upper floor dedicated mainly to dogs with a selection like I've never seen before!  Anything you could need for your dog will be there and not just one or two choices, but several which is nice when your dogs range from 12" to 27" in neck sizes.  They even have a grooming business upstairs which I should see if I can check out the layout tomorrow to get ideas for the grooming studio.  But I spent about half an hour with my mom just browsing and seeing if there was anything interesting and new to bring back for the "kids".


Can you see the beds at the very top??  Foyle sized beds!  They are about 5 feet long and 4" thick, perfect for the big guy if only we had the room in the house to actually put it.  Next up on the "to do" list- bigger house to fit the big dog bed.  Anyway, I'll have to go back tomorrow and do some more browsing to see if I can find some gifts for Viggo and Zachary.