NCA Nationals 2010 Day 3- Specials


The calm before the storm of Saturday blows into the building.  It was surprisingly quiet for 7:30 in the morning the final day of the show, I thought I would have more of a chance to see expert groomers preparing their dogs but almost no one was here yet.  By 8:00 more of the juniors started to shuffle in, tired from washing dogs and schlepping water buckets around the previous week.  It takes an amazing effort to get this breed ready to show and months of preparation had been done prior to this day to make sure the dogs looked their absolute best and in their prime.  I've never seen so much scissoring done on a newf, but then again I've never been at this level and seen the intense competition as I have the past three days.


The morning started to stir around 8:00 when all the juniors started to fill in the building to start grooming...and in this picture it was both the dog and the junior having their hair done!  According to the AKC rules the junior handlers are supposed to get their dogs ready themselves as well as show their dogs in the ring.


Here's Emma in the blue from CA showing Livy, a lovely, beautiful bitch from Tempest Newfoundlands in Connecticut.  Perfect fit for Emma since Livy is just her size and they were quite the team together considering they didn't have much practice before the Nationals, Livy was on top of her game and they both gave it their all despite being nervous and more than likely very tired.


The classes were so large that the judge, who I have to say did an incredible job with so many dogs, took 5 into the ring at a time and chose between 2-3 dogs in each set until he finished the dogs, then after lunch did the same with the bitches.  It took hours to get through around 100 dogs but it was amazing to see the quality and variety of dogs from all over the world showing that day.  The last cut was full of suspense and contemplation as the judge kept going back and forth, back and forth, and I think there was a sigh in there until he finally chose Lincoln as Best of Breed and Jillion as Best Opposite.

CH Skipper’s Eminence King Of Helluland (298) (Lincoln)

Laura VandeVen & Peggy Helming


I think I missed the memo on the white van, half the cars in the parking lot were the same exact white van.  But hey, at least I bought enough Newfoundland stickers to put on the back of the Eurovan to annoy Ray.  Can't miss me now!