Bright Steps Reflective Leg Bands

Bright steps

Even though Daylight Savings Time happened quite a while ago I still find myself caught walking the dogs right when it is starting to get dark, and since Foyle chewed on his glow in the dark collar this winter I don't have enough reflective gear around.  But as I was on my way out of Pet Kingdom the other day my mom looked up  and on the top of a tall shelf were these Reflective Leg Bands from Fab4pets.  They are strong, flexible, water resistant, and can be seen from up to 1/2 mile away.  They come in three sizes from small (15-40 lbs), medium (45-80 lbs) and large (85-175 lbs).  Unfortunately they won't fit the hounds so II bought them collars but they should definitely show up even with Foyle's thick hair.  I'm even thinking of getting another set so I can put them around my arms for a little more night-time visibility during our walks.  Remember- Safety First!