NCNC 2010 Pincic- Newfie Games



This is what having a Newfie is all about, being able to lie around (or
on top of) your dog while relaxing in the sun at a picnic.  I saw this
little boy during the annual
The Newfoundland Club of
Northern California
picnic and it just stopped me in my tracks
because it was the sweetest thing I've seen yet.  He was just lying
there on top of his Newfie, giving him hugs and the dog didn't have a
care in the world and let him stay there for quite a while just content
to be around people. That is the epitome of the breed to me, gentle,
caring and attentive to kids.


We had a great time at the picnic today which was at Garin Regional Park down in Hayward, seeing all our friends and meeting new people who have acquired Newfoundlands through rescue.  Foyle loved seeing all his water training friends and was just happy to be out and about with the crowd.  He can't get enough attention and made it a point to say hi to everyone and anyone who looked his way.

After lunch we had a few games, one of which was trying to recall your dog through a line of hot dogs.  Foyle did awesome and didn't even realize they were there until he crossed over the tape then his nose went up in the air saying "did I just miss something?".  Couldn't say the same for Boo above which is amazing considering he's such a well trained dog who has his WD, WRD, and WRDX title!  He didn't even make it one step past the hot dogs and managed to eat 4 before John could get him!


Here's Foyle's little buddy Zachary going through the carting course.  Zachary loves to pull and made it through the course in his own slow and steady way.

Boo Hot Dog

Here's a brilliant catch made by Boo during the hot dog throwing contest! 


We ended the picnic with a raffle to help support the Newfoundland Health and Rescue committee that NCNC formed to help find homes for displaced Newfoundlands.  I have to say it's the best rescue committee that I have ever seen.  The dedication and devotion to rehabilitating and re-homing these dogs is amazing, truly amazing, and they wouldn't blink and eye to go and pick up a dog in the middle of the night to make sure it's safe and well taken care of.  I'll support them in any way that I can.  Unfortunately I didn't win either of the beds so I really hope that Anika is nice and cozy tonight!!  Darn, should have bought more tickets.  Great day overall and I can hear Foyle snoring away and sleeping off all the excitement in the other room.