How a Newfie Gardens

Foyle in Garden 003

This is how Foyle helps me in the garden, by testing out the water to make sure it's just the right temperature before I water the plants.  He just can't resist the temptation of liquid spraying at full force from a hose, or from walking in the mud right after I've finished watering the tomato plants.  But despite his moments of fun we managed to finish planting two of the boxes this afternoon and get the growing season going finally.  I think we're a bit late but the weather has been so bad lately that I doubt I could have successfully started much before now.

Foyle in Garden 005

So good he just can't stop!

Foyle in Garden 013 

A friend of mine needed to get rid of some concrete caps to an old wall so we went over this morning and picked up about 100 sq. ft. to use in the backyard.  We figured that they would work out great as little paths in the vegetable beds The hounds, who love to run on any type of a path, found it very useful  to use while exploring the new plantings.  I think we'll use the rest to build a "patio" for the compost bin and the tool shed to go on next weekend.  

Foyle in Garden 009

Foyle is supervising the installation of the plastic fencing.  We all know that it's more fun to walk through the beds right after seeds have been planted and watered.  The muddier, the better!  We'll see how long it takes for the hounds to go under the fencing, and for Foyle to go through it.  It hasn't been hard work today but it has taken more time than I thought.  But I am a little proud that we've expanded our garden and are trying to grow more organic food for ourselves.  I'm still doing research on different mulches to put over the plants and found that the Organic Gardening website has some great information on the topic as well as making a compost tea that my neighbor swears by.