Eco-Frugal Life Guide- Coupon Sherpa



We always made fun of my dad for the amount of food he had in the house while we were growing up (yes, we were incredibly fortunate in that respect) and the amount of food my dad kept in the house for just him and my mom after all the kids left.  We threatened that if there was another large disaster we were going to come to their house and hide out.  As you can see in the two pictures above taken in my parent's basement they were not lacking for any supplies, and with the addition of their incredibly large garden they were well stocked throughout the year.  What you can't see in the pictures is that he actually has another 3 freezers full of frozen food!  What I tend to forget is that my dad grew up in the depression where nothing went to waste and he was always concerned about everyone having enough to eat. 

After spending a week at my parent's house I realized on the plane home that we are incredibly spoiled, lazy, and ignorant of what true "need" is in life.  So when I came across the free 105 page Eco-Friendly Life Guide by the Coupon Sherpa (Ashley Grimaldo and Luke Knowles) it put my "needs" into more perspective, more in tune with how my dad lived his life.  The guide helps you live a more frugal, and hopefully a more meaningful, life.  There are numerous links to help you research eating in season, coupon clipping, growing your own food, non-toxic cleaning, recycling....among others.  I think I'm going to print this out and post it at work, since we took a pay cut last year we can all use a little help here and there.  Hope this can help you out in some way too!