Foyle's Friday- Let the Gardening Begin!

2010-05-01 testing the soil

I was lucky enough to have a coworker lend me his large tiller on Friday so we spent part of Friday and all of Saturday preparing a new planter box in the backyard and tilling up and amending the soil in the front yard to get it ready for planting.  I was going to do two longer boxes but decided that it was too much work considering it was incredibly hot outside so I decided to do one larger box with a pathway in the middle.  The picture above shows the area tilled and amended and ready for the hounds and Foyle to search for any earthworms that might have been dug up in the process.

2010-05-01 garden before

Here's the space prior to the tilling, right next to the compost bin so it will be easy to spread the compost once it is ready.


Ray was nice enough to start making the box while I tilled up the other two existing beds.  I swear I still feel my hands and shoulders vibrating from trying to hold on so tight.  Oh, one thing about having an architect make your boxes is that you are sure to have a frame that is perfectly level.  Seriously, he brought out the level!  I'm happy if I can just get the screws in straight.

2010-05-01 all done

All done!  Ready to be planted and conveniently located near an irrigation head so we can hook up the drip as soon as everything is planted.  Now comes the best part; what do we want to plant?!  I found a list of organic seed businesses at the Organic Seed Alliance so I will look through the sites for the perfect heirloom tomatoes and carrots which are my favorites.  I'm also on the look out for the perfect basil and I think that West Coast Seeds is going to be the place to go with choices like the Genovese organic or the Kitchen Basil Blend so I can try 4 different varieties.  My goal is to have the perfect pesto by the end of summer!