Chickity Doo Doo

2010-05-01 Chickity doo doo

We were at Osh on Saturday buying amendments for the planter boxes and the front yard when I saw this on the shelf and couldn't stop laughing just because of the name.  Chickity Doo Doo is actually an Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) certified product that is a 100% organic fertilizer made from composted chicken manure, which happens to be great for flower and vegetable beds.  It was developed by two former teachers, John Weiss and John Nortman who formed R&J Partnership in Madison, Wisconsin.  They buy chicken manure from Creekwood Farms which is an egg producing farm and transforms about 21,000 lbs of chicken manure that would have been "land-spread" into dried pellets.  100% organic means that I can use it in our planting beds without worrying about the dogs being affected by deadly toxins.  Now this doesn't mean they are allowed to roam freely in the beds, but if they happen to then I don't need to panic!