Outdoor Dog Bed

Foyles new bed

You have to, you just have to!  Every time we go to Costco we just have to stop by the dog section to see what is there and yesterday we scored!  They have a great orthopedic dog bed at the Richmond Costco , about 3.5'x3.5', for $24.00. Seriously cheap for a bed this size and it could fit all 4 dogs if they ever wanted to sleep together.  But they don't.  I'm thinking that we just cover the new porch with these beds and everyone can lay on them.  Who needs furniture?  Plus the cover will match the fountain that we want to get!

Foyle yogurt

Foyle liked it so much he decided to steal the yogurt off of the table and bring it out for a picnic!  I'm amazed that he was able to keep the spoon upright the entire time.   I like it because it doesn't smell like cedar chips like all their other beds do.  The dachshunds won't lay on any of the cedar chip beds at all.

Foyle yogurt 2

Yes Foyle, I am watching you.  No, no you can't have that.