Moss Graffiti- Eco Art!

Anna garforth moss graffiti 2

All Photos by: Anna Garforth

There's a new movement around that everyone can participate in without getting carded for trying to buy a can of spray paint.  Moss graffiti is a great way to incorporate your desire for tagging with your desire for seeing more green in your neighborhood, leave a personal message in moss.  It seems to have been started in London by Helen Nodding who was fascinated by the ability of weeds to grow in the most unlikely cracks and holes in a city of concrete and steel.

Anna garforth moss graffiti

Moss graffiti

There are several recipes out there like this one from Supernaturale,  or this recipe, and are pretty easy to concoct yourself at home.  Next you need to find a shaded surface and you can either spray or paint your design.  Stencils may come in handy if you have them, but test out your artistic side and let it flow...or grow in this case.

Moss graffiti 2 

I know of a few cracks in my sidewalk that could use a little artistic touch.