K-9 Canine Block Print

K9 Canine

Hallowthanksmus doxie block 

I'm spent a lazy Memorial Day browsing through Etsy just to see what's new in terms of dog art, specifically block or linoleum prints, and I came across these two bold prints from Hallowthanksmus.  The first is a ACEO 2.5"x 3.5" print of K-9 Canine based on the Dr. Who series, and the second is an ACEO 2.5 x 3.5" Doxie Print based on his own little weiner dog.  I'm surprised their ACEO prints and not originals from the block, but they sure are fun pieces of art to hang up in a small space that just needs a "little extra something". 

Ellejwbull terrier Ellejwbloodhound

I quickly stopped to look at the shop of Elle J. Wilson from London after seeing the A Little Nuttiness the English Bull Terrier and One of Those Eeyore Moments.  These prints are a fantastic mix of slight exaggeration and subdued water colors mixed in with intricate black line work.  Too bad they aren't originals, but she does print them on archival water paper and they come with a certificate of authenticity and are mounted and packaged.