Close up of the OrthoPet brace

Davis 028

I just realized I didn't give you a good view of the OrthoPets brace that Foyle is using so here is the view from the side, and below is the view from the front.  There are four different straps that I need to attach, in a specific order, and by the second time I put it on Foyle he was standing still waiting for me as I fumbled around.  But he was very patient...all that training for stacking in the ring is paying off!

Davis 027

The outer frame is either made of a composite material which is waterproof or a carbon fiber material which is not.  (Foyle's is composite) The foam padding inside is a human grade diabetic foam which does not absorb water or sweat and can be easily replaced on a yearly basis or as necessary.  The composite rubber hinge mechanism that you can see in the middle of the brace in the upper picture absorbs, stores, and returns the stresses on the joint during the entire gait cycle.  The frame won't wear out, but all the other components are replaceable and they offer free adjustments during the first three months of using the brace.  So far it looks good but I think I need to have him wear it for longer periods of time to make sure it isn't rubbing in the wrong areas.