U.C. Davis Veterinary School- Nutrition Support Appointment

Foyle at Davis 1

Six vets in 3 weeks, I think that is a new record in our house and hopefully one that won't be broken for quite a while.....hear that hounds?  Here's Foyle waiting to meet his latest team of experts at U.C. Davis, the cold floors were too good not to lay on the whole time.

We are lucky enough to have a world renown veterinary teaching school within an hour of the Bay area, so I made an appointment with the Nutrition Support Services at the U.C. Davis Small Animal Clinic for last Tuesday.  The Hills Prescription K/D diet that was recommended for Foyle by one of his internists was doing a fabulous job of reducing his protein level, but I was debating whether a home made diet would increase his chances of living longer even more.  I felt it was worth the meeting and the diet to see if we increase his life span just a little bit more.  Who wouldn't want that cute face for as long as possible?

There's a lot of information on the internet about diets and recipes for chronic renal disease but they are not balanced with all the vitamins and minerals that would be particular to your breed.  U.C. Davis has a specific department dedicated to animal nutrition where you can make an appointment to assess your dog's current diet and, if you want, develop a customized diet to alleviate any ailments or diseases.  If you're curious about your dog's food check the label to make sure it is approved by Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO)  for the age you are feeding for.  More than likely it was developed by a vet that graduated from the U.C. Davis nutrition program!

Davis 004

Since Davis is a teaching hospital we met with 3 students first to go
over the history and then met with Dr. Queau, who is a resident
specializing in renal disease, and Dr. Larsen who helped to formulate
his diet.  The team felt Hills wasn't allowing enough protein in the
diet to keep up muscle mass in Foyle so they've increased it slightly so
we can try to build more muscle in his legs and keep what is there.  In addition to a particular vitamin/mineral powder all we will be
feeding him is a very calculated combination of white rice, chicken
thighs, butter, and cod liver oil.  It is formulated in specific
quantities just for Foyle, it's not something that you should come up
with on your own "because I read it on the internet and it worked for
such and such dog..."  Won't work and may do more damage.  We'll reassess the diet in a few months to see if his protein levels have stabilized or increased just to make sure he's doing well on the new formula.  So, once I
get all the vitamins he needs we'll be ready to start his new diet!  Yet another adventure to begin.