Nooner is 5 today!


Nooner is 5

I can't believe that Nooner is already 5 years old!  She doesn't look a day over 2, really.  But I just couldn't resist her when I saw her at the Cow Palace as she came out of her crate, just a small, shy little dog who wanted to crawl up your shoulder rather than run around a ring.  I heard that her breeder was going to England for a month so I asked if we could watch her while she was gone, only to ask again a month later if we could keep her because as Ray said "how could we let a cute little girl like her go?".  And now, five years later, she's still a shy little dog but full of love for us and now for Foyle too.  She's the first to jump in your lap and wiggle around on her back until you rub her belly, and the only one that nuzzles under your neck or around your face while grunting away claiming how happy she is.  Nooner teases Foyle by getting him excited and wanting to play and then she nips him in the nose only to go back and lick it and check under his jowls.  And now she hangs out on the steps as Foyle gets groomed waiting for her treat too when he's done.

Nooner Mc

It's a tradition now to go to get a hamburger on their birthdays so off we went tonight, just Nooner and me, to her favorite place for a celebration hamburger just for her.  She is my little piglet and ate the whole thing.



She did share a little bit of the second hamburger with Hazel and Ernie though, and Foyle got his own special treat since he can't have junk food any more.  Happy Birthday to Nooner!