Acupuncture Bingo



Foyle went to his second acupuncture appointment last Thursday and the improvements since the first time we went were amazing!  Dr. Wallace said that his knees felt much better, there was no swelling in the joints, and that his coat looked amazing!  What a relief to hear!  I've read part of the book Four Paws, Five Directions that pulls together the history and the principals behind acupuncture, but what I found really helpful was this acupressure chart and pressure points that lets you see the name, abbreviation, location, and ailment that each needle site is related to.  It reminded me a bit like Bingo when I was checking off the locations after Dr. Wallace was done inserting all the needles.  GV20 on the top of the head is where all the meridians meet and to helps to calm the spirit and clear the mind, the "B" section helps with the kidneys and associated areas which is where most of the needles are in the picture above.


Here's a close up of the needles in the back.  The fun part is when he's done and you're trying to find all the needles to make sure you got them all out!  Very hard in Newfie hair, took us a while to find all 30.


Here's the GB34 which helps the joints and the ST36 location which helps the digestion.  I'm curious to see how he'll feel in a few weeks after we put him on his home made diet.  Better, I hope!