Water Trough Gardening

Water Trough Garden 3

Now here's a Newf-proof garden that a coworker of mine has started this year.  She lives outside of town in open space that is occupied by a herd of deer during the year so she developed a fenced garden with a unique iron gate to keep them out.

Water Trough Gardens 1

All the pathways around the house were constructed with decomposed granite and the theme was carried through to the vegetable garden to make access easy and clean.  Large livestock water troughs were brought in and used for the raised gardens, making it very easy to pick produce and maintain the vegetables.  It isn't uncommon to see troughs throughout Petaluma so they fit right into the landscape of the site and the surrounding area, and are easy to find.

Water Trough Garden 2

We need to fence in our garden area also so the dogs don't destroy what we actually accomplished to grow this year.  Especially important is keeping them out of the tomatoes because the leaves contain solanine which is toxic to dogs.  Check out the ASPCA website where it lists toxic foods for animals; did you know that avocados are toxic?