Retrowhale on Etsy


I don't know why you say goodbye, I say hello.  These little talkers from Retrowhale are a quirky mix of digital media and hand painting on 6" x 6" wood panels (but can be made in a larger size if you ask ) that grabbed my attention as I was browsing yet again tonight. I love the offbeat "adventures" the dogs in the pictures seem to be having, and the colors just pop out and grab you along with the line work of the faces.  Take a look at the retro whale blog for an inside look at their inspiration and their screen printing machine!



They are also a part of Etsy For Animals (EFA) which is a group of over 500 artists who are also members of Etsy that donate a portion of their proceeds to help animal causes and charities.  I think I'll have to take a closer look at EFA next time I make a purchase on Etsy.