Gone to the Dogs- What dog are you?

Polish lowland sheepdog

Looks like my alter dog ego is a  Polish Lowland Sheepdog!  Take this quiz on Gone to the Dogs and after answering 10 questions you'll find out what kind of dog you are!  Gone to the Dogs is a movie about a British pensioner who has died and come back to earth as a dog. 15 canine stars enjoy screen time with legendary Tony Booth and Dora Bryan in this comedic tale of a second chance.

So, the Polish Lowland Sheepdog can be summed up as "...affectionate yet territorial, loving yet energetic, playful yet protective."  The dog is part of the herding group and is happy when it is living an active, energetic lifestyle.  They are easily trainable and enjoy the mental stimulation of training classes such as obedience, rally, and of course herding.  So, that could explain the fact that I can never sit down and relax and I enjoy diving into a variety of hobbies and activities just to keep life a little more interesting.  Ok, I have to admit that I took the test again with slightly different answers and it came out the same!  What dog are you?