K99 Doggie Ice Cream Van

K99 doogie ice cream van

Ray and I were just commenting the other day on how sad the state of ice cream trucks in our city looked as one decrepit pink truck slowly drove by last weekend, warbling a sad tune that only seemed to deter kids from ice cream rather than sending them running.  If only we lived in the U.K. we could go to Regents Park on July 24th for the Boomerang Pet's Party and line up for the K99 doggie ice cream van!  It's the first mobile ice cream truck dedicated to serving deliciously cold treats for your canine companion, and with flavors like Canine Cookie Crunch (made with dog biscuits) and Dog Eat Hog World (made with chicken/ham) there's one that will suit every dog.

K99 doogie ice cream van 2

You won't hear your typical ice cream melody either, the truck will be playing the theme from Scooby-Doo.  We know how much Nooner loves ice cream so I think she would probably park her little rump right in front of it in protest of it moving an inch until she devoured at least 5 cones by herself.  Foyle would probably roll the truck over and partake in his own ice cream eating contest to see how much he could down in a minute.  Hazel and Ernie would stand by and let the other two do all the work.  This would be perfect for the Hercules Market Hall!