George's New Location in Berkeley

George entry


Ernie had his own day all by himself on Friday, he needed to get away from the other hounds and especially away from Foyle for a while so off to 4th street we went for a little window shopping.  We started at their favorite treat store George which has recently moved locations to 1844 4th Street (next to Sur La Table, entrance in the parking lot).  Ernie immediately scouted out the new turkey treats and happily took offerings from other people in the store.  He was in heaven- a little petting and a few treats can go a long way in his world.

George 4

I like the selection of bulk treats they have in the jars because we can grab a few to use for training as we walk down the street and meet people.  They also have a great selection of natural and organic treats to chose from, not to mention the toys!  They change the toys according to the holiday seasons so you can always find a fun gift throughout the year.

George 2


George 3

I particularly like browsing the selection of antique dog memorabilia and artwork that they have on the shelves.  The collection seems to get bigger or change every time I'm in there.  Local artists can be found on the shelves poking their frames out here and there unexpectedly and always catches your eye just as you are about to check out.  And the staff is talented as well, check out Jane Oriel's website for custom pet paintings!