Paste - Dog Art Collage


Hiding behind the counter at George was a little framed piece of collage work that caught my eye because when you adore a breed you tend to have a sixth sense about finding artwork, figurines, prints, anything that has your breed on it.  (It is a bizarre talent that comes in handy when you are at the Alameda Flea Market especially and only have a few hours to browse.) 

Paste_dalmation Paste_jack russell Paste_muttPaste_poodle

The artwork was created by Denise Fiedler in a series called Paste and its simplicity of material is the most attractive quality besides the talent of course.  She takes vintage paper and turns them into pieces that are whimsical and interesting with a twist of compassion and tradition.  Each dog portrait can be seen as your dog and tells its own little story that you've made up for it.  You want to collect the pieces that aren't even your breed because they are so cute and well done.

Paste_house Paste_victorian Paste_dress Paste_radish

But Denise spans the dog world and creates a variety of collages like architecturefashion, and market so there is something for everyone to look at.  Denise is also a resident of the Bay area so not only can you eat local but you can buy artwork local too!