Animal Communicator at Dogbone Alley

Foyle and Hazel

I think I'm still on the fence about believing in an Animal Communicator.  You know your dog best and just by living with them and getting to know their personalities, habits, triggers, and schedules then you already are able to communicate with your dog or any other animal.  But there's something intriguing and hopeful about having someone "talk" to your dog about intimate feelings and desires and get to know the real reason behind those annoying or agonizing behaviors. It's the same reason people go to a palm reader or a psychic because it's too tempting not to know the answer or your future!

Here's your chance to give it a try!  On Sunday, July 18th, at Dog Bone Alley you will have a chance to bring your pet into their Alameda store or the Danville store on July 11th, to meet Barbara Martin who is an animal communicator.  The appointments are $35 with all the proceeds going to ARF in Danville or the Humane Society of Alameda.  Each appointment will be 15 minutes long and Barbara asks that you come prepared with 3 questions that you would like to ask.  You can bring your pet or just bring a picture.

What 3 questions would I ask about Foyle?  I'm stumped because I don't want to give away too much just to test her and see if she's legitimate or not.  What do you like to do the best?  Would you like to do therapy work with kids or adults?  How does that brace feel on your leg?  How are you feeling now?  Why do you pester Ernie so much?  Do you think that acupuncture is really helping you? 

I actually met Barbara quite a few years ago at another club event where we brought a picture of Ernie with us so we asked if she would communicate with him and tell us what he was thinking.  It was quite amusing to hear that a dachshund was "uncomfortable in his body" and that he would like to be bigger....well of course!  She also mentioned that he wanted Pandi, our older smooth hair dachshund, to leave him alone and stop pestering him.  Again we laughed because she was always challenging him and quite frankly she utterly bored with his lack of any response to her.  Also he apparently had a spastic colon which explains quite a bit about his bathroom habits. 

But then Barbara stopped and asked if we really wanted to know his past because it was unpleasant and somewhat cruel.  Hesitantly we said yes and Barbara went on to say that he was not wanted and often slammed in between doors and drop-kicked.  Our hearts dropped because we did know that he was returned to the breeder from his previous home because he was not wanted by the husband.  Subsequently we found out that the couple divorced and the woman went back to the breeder to get another dachshund because she missed Ernie so much.  But now 8 years later, he's a content old man and will remain with us for as long as he possibly can.  We routing for at least another 5 years and knowing Ernie he'll make it.  I think I'll make an appointment for Foyle and see what is going on between his relationship with Ernie, maybe he'll stop bugging him after that.