Curb Appeal- Front Yard Gardening

Porch framing

We've decided to take the plunge and start renovating our front yard to add a little more curb appeal to our house.  We realized last year that we actually liked hanging out in our front yard, talking to our neighbors, watching people walk by, trading home made jelly or something that was supposed to be jelly when we were done.  After a month of waiting for the rain to stop and a few consultations with our neighbor who is a contractor Ray got started in on the framing of the deck area.


Next came the stairs.  We were able to go right over the existing stairs and hideous brick planters which were so bad that I've forgotten what they looked like already.


Here's the large and small dog test to make sure everything is stable and secure


Next stage was adding the arbor   The final touch that pulled everything together and added some architectural interest as well as passive cooling to the front section of the house.


And we're done!  The ADA ramp was an extra special touch that will soon disappear and hopefully be replaced by a more appropriate, and much smaller, ramp.  I'm very proactive about preventative care and the hounds, and now Foyle, are used to them so we include them with any large change in elevation. Next the landscaping!