Annie's Annuals- Art in the Garden

In the garden

I took a trip over to Annie's Annuals last weekend to supplement my plant order from Village Nurseries and because I couldn't hold in my curiosity any more after reading about them in BBC Gardens Illustrated.  What an amazing article to find, an American nursery in a renown British garden magazine.  If you are interested in art they are having their annual Art in the Garden weekend on July 10th and 11th from 10-4 pm.  There will be several local East Bay artists that you can meet and see how they work, and even take home an affordable piece of work along with a few plants!


As soon as you walk underneath the "It All Began In The Garden" sign you're transferred to mulched paths that wind through a variety of gardens and seating areas that invite you to linger and take a closer look at the plants  As you venture through you'll see the talent that the staff has in highlighting different planting combinations or their sense of humor in their choice and placement of garden accessories.

Flower pots

Inspiration surrounds you at every turn and Annie isn't afraid to show off her collection of natives, ornamentals, grasses, rarities, all in one spot like in the container collection above.


Plants 3

Plants 2

Be prepared to spend quite a bit of time browsing if you haven't gone through their catalog because there are acres of plants to go through, each with a sign describing the characteristics of the plant along with a picture at maturity.  Great help especially when you are dealing with rare plants or trying to decide between two of your favorites. 

Chicken coup

Who can resist taking a peek at the chickens they have by the trailer?  They add a nice rural touch to the yard and seem to be a favorite with the crowds.


Carex divulsa

Although I didn't find the climber that would quite fit with the arbor and with a 120 lb dog potentially using it as a fire hydrant, I did find Carex divulsa which will work well around the paths and the dogs!  It's formerly known as Berkeley Sedge and can be used to create a mounding, lush meadow that requires such low maintenance that it is going to become a favorite in our yard this year.  Lucky for us there is an abundance of it at the nursery.  Although their plant inventory is quite large I did find the grass selection a bit small and the price was very high compared to other nurseries in the area.  At $4.50 for a 4" pot it's  going to take a lot to fill in around the paths.  Luckily they are starting their summer sale on the 10th, 20% off all plants through the 18th!!!  Perfect timing.