Robert Bradford's Recycled Toy Dog Sculptures

Robert bradford dash

I came across British artist Robert Bradford's toy sculptures on Greenmuze today and was amused by the re-use of children's plastic toys as a media for artwork.  He pushes the edge of his work being kitchy, but it draws you in closer to take a look at each individual object, to the point of making you reflect on who used it or what it was originally used for.

Robert bradford 3

I like the fact that if you stand back and see the object as a whole you're impressed by the accuracy of the sculpture according to structure, then get in close to see what materials he has used.

Robert bradford foo foo 2

It's kind of a "Where's Waldo" effect, can you find the knife and the walkie talkie?  I can imagine it being dismantled by kids and dogs alike because you immediately want to touch the pieces and make it into a tactile moment as well. Note, all pictures from the Greenmuse site.